Caleb had mentioned a few times that he wanted to go to Boston for a Red Sox/Yankees game. So, for his birthday last year, I gave him the trip. We went for a weekend, just for the game. It was simply amazing!! We were on one of the first flights out of Atlanta that day because we … Continue reading B O S T O N

The Bench

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for antiques and “hand-me-downs” from family members. I LOVE being able to refinish and restore old furniture to make it look new again. This past weekend, we went home for Easter and my mom was redoing her front porch. She had this bench that had … Continue reading The Bench

Why Am I Doing This?!

If you know me, you know that I am always on the go and staying busy. I hardly have time to just sit down and enjoy myself. So, why am I doing this blog? With us not living close to our family and friends, I figured this was a good way to stay connected…they could read … Continue reading Why Am I Doing This?!

St. Maarten

A few weeks ago we were able to go on a family vacation with my wonderful in-laws. By the way…mine are the BEST!!! If you’ve never heard about St. Maarten, the first thing people will probably tell you is there is a beach right at the airport where people will hang on to the fence … Continue reading St. Maarten